Six steps to successful program evaluation

Six steps to successful program evaluation

Effectively use data in your decision-making process

Our unique Six Step Evaluation Process is designed to highlight the relationship between your strategies, activities and their impacts.

  1. Identify outcomes

    Know what to measure

    It all starts here – understanding the ‘why’ behind your evaluation. To gain meaningful evidence, it’s important to know your outcomes – what change are you trying to create? An evaluation framework sets the foundation to consistently measure your impact by identifying your outcomes against their corresponding strategic goals.

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    Know what to measure with our evaluation framework that aligns your vision, strategies and stakeholders.

    Six steps to successful program evaluation
  2. Design surveys

    Ask the right questions

    You have identified the outcomes you wish to achieve in your evaluation framework, but how to measure their impact? Surveys are a great way to collect feedback. To gain the data you need, it’s important to include diverse questions that measure the outcomes performance and not just activity performance.

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    We create best-practise surveys for impact. Our evaluation experts work with you to plan, design and distribute your surveys.

    Six steps to successful program evaluation
  3. Collect responses

    Collect the right data

    With your evaluation framework in place, you can now collect meaningful and consistent data about your outcomes performance. To promote quality feedback, it’s important to consider the survey experience for the user. Is the platform interface intuitive? Is the distribution method relevant to the audience? An effective survey considers these needs.

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    Easily create and distribute surveys, collect consistent feedback, monitor your progress and report your impact.

    Six steps to successful program evaluation

    Ensure your data is representative and accurate. Our team of interviewers can collect survey responses in the field.

    Six steps to successful program evaluation

    Be confident in your attendance figures. We offer crowd measurement solutions including WiFi and Aerial Photography.

    Six steps to successful program evaluation
  4. Report results

    Demonstrate your value

    You’ve collected the feedback, but turn your data into actionable insights? One of the best ways to add narrative to your data is to use charts. By visually presenting your evidence you are equipped to analyse your outcomes performance and showcase your impact to your team and stakeholders.

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    Showcase your outcomes, performance and achievements with a stunning online report.

    Six steps to successful program evaluation

    Quantify the economic impact of your project, place or organisation. Our flexible methodology suits government, tourism and decision-makers.

    Six steps to successful program evaluation
  5. Add context

    Gain deeper insights

    What is the big picture? The key concept to realising your impact is the ‘difference’. What change (outcome) has been made against your previous results, peers, and programs? The benefit of applying an evaluation framework is realised here. With access to consistent evidence, your team is empowered to continually learn and grow your impact.

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    Our professionally designed published reports are a striking and effective way to showcase your outcomes, performance and achievements.

    Six steps to successful program evaluation

    A dashboard for teams and large projects that brings your outcomes, outputs and third-party data in one place.

    Six steps to successful program evaluation
  6. Make change

    Use data to make evidence-based decisions

    With consistent, outcomes-based data, you can easily demonstrate your value and realise your impact. Through deliberate evaluation planning, the process has delivered results. Your data is aligned to your goals. Your goals underpin your strategy. Your strategy is backed by evidence and now your organisation can demonstrate and build its impact.

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These six steps are how Culture Counts thinks about evaluation and how we support you on your evaluation journey.

It can be intimidating to start, but the evaluation is as much about learning as it is about demonstrating your impact. The best way to start evaluating is to begin.