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Culture Counts Evaluation Platform

Demonstrate your impact with an easy to use and best-practice evaluation platform

Effective evaluation generates evidence to demonstrate the change you make and the outcomes you achieve. Culture Counts helps you collect and use evidence in a way that works for your needs.







Credibly measure the outcomes of your activities

Culture Counts uses a standardised set of metrics developed through consultation with government agencies, industry bodies and academic partners. Over 800 organisations globally have used Culture Counts to consistently measure their impact – including cultural, social and economic values.

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Confidently create accessible survey experiences

The Culture Counts survey platform is equipped to collect feedback from a variety of respondents to ensure an intuitive and enjoyable experience for all respondents. The platform meets WCAG 2.1. Success Criteria for functionality and usability and includes interactive features that support accessibility technologies.

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Explore, learn and grow your impact

The Culture Counts Analytics Dashboard enables you to dive deeper into your data, gain insight and use evidence for better decision-making. With flexible chart filtering, users can compare and sort results including:

  • See how evaluations are tracking with a live summary
  • Gain easy access to outcomes data and essential statistics
  • Pivot results against common demographic questions
  • Export your data in PNG, PDF and CSV formats

Start your evaluation

Collect consistent data, evaluate your outcomes and report your impact with a Culture Counts Evaluation Platform.

What you get

  • An intuitive, user-friendly survey builder and evaluation platform
  • 100+ standardised outcome metrics
  • Question Bank library of pre-defined questions
  • Analytics dashboard with real-time survey data and charts
  • Access to a team of evaluation experts and support resources
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