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Copying survey templates

Creating a new evaluation by copying an existing survey is an easy way to save yourself time within the platform. Duplicating surveys not only creates a copy of the questions contained within your survey but also the configuration settings and peer and self invites, saving you the hassle of inputting these every time. For the purpose of these instructions, we will use the Example Evaluation as a guide, which should already be shared with your Culture Counts account.

The following video demonstrates how to start your first survey by copying the Example Public Survey:

First, create a new evaluation folder and give it a name to reflect the activity you are evaluating. Next, open up the Example Evaluation so you can see the three example surveys: public, prior and post. To copy a survey from the Example Evaluation, click Edit to the right of the survey name and select Copy from the dropdown list. Replace the copied survey name with a new name that reflects your event and choose your new evaluation to copy the survey into.

We recommend giving each survey a simple name that both people in your organisation and assessors will understand, like the name of the event and the respondent type: ‘My Awesome Event – Public Survey’ or ‘My Awesome Event – Prior Survey’.

You will need to repeat the process above to copy each of the three example surveys into your new evaluation. If any of the survey types in the Example Evaluation do not apply to your activity, simply do not copy them over.From your new evaluation, you can edit these surveys however you wish. Click on the name of the survey that you wish to edit, and you will be taken to the survey Summary page. This shows a brief summary of the survey settings and questions included.

From here, you can navigate to different pages in the survey builder by clicking the Manage button in the top right corner, or clicking on one of the tabs in the top menu bar.

  • Configure: to set up and change the main survey settings
  • Design: to edit, add or remove survey questions
  • Invite: to add or remove self and peer assessors to your surveys

Note: The Copy function can also be used in the future to replicate your own existing surveys. Copying a survey creates a duplicate with all of the existing configurations, questions and peer and self invites from the survey it has been copied from. This can help save time if you want to use a similar survey to one you have previously setup.

Using this method to create your own templates

The copy function can also be used to create your own survey templates for different activities. First, create a survey containing all desired questions and configuration settings. Give it a name that will make sense to you and your team (or whoever will be accessing your account) e.g. ‘Exhibition attendees – Public (Template)’. From here, you can simply duplicate this template every time you would like to create a survey for this activity type. You may decide to create a different template for each programming stream, event type, or respondent group that you would like to collect data from.

Creating your own templates will help you to ensure consistent measurement and data collection across all of the activities you wish to evaluate.

Note: If you wish to evaluate the same peer and self-assessors across multiple surveys, you can input your chosen email addresses into your template from the Invite page. These will additionally be copied over when you duplicate your template survey, along with the questions and configuration settings.

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