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The Variance can be seen in the Evaluations tab. The chart on this page shows the margin of error, which represents how confident you can be in the reporting of each dimension based on the number of responses you have received. The lower the score, the more likely it is to be reflective of your total audience.

The chart is calculated at a 95% confidence level. A margin of error of 2% means that we can be 95% confident that if we surveyed the entire visitor population, the average score for that dimension statement would be likely to fall within 2% above or below the average score generated by the sample.

We recommend aiming for a margin of error of 5% or below for dimension statements. This is because the lower the margin of error, the more confidence you have that the sample you’ve collected is representative of the opinion of your audience overall.

Note that to calculate margin of error for your dimensions, you will need to add your attendance figure in the Evaluation Properties section.

Scroll down to the bottom and enter in the overall attendance figure for the project. NOTE: this refers to the total attendance for the evaluation as a whole so you would need to calculate the total attendance figure if the evaluation contains surveys for multiple events

Once you’ve entered in the overall attendance, click the reporting tab and the margin of error should show under the variance tab.

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