Fun Palaces: Everyone an Artist, Everyone a Scientist
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Fun Palaces: Everyone an Artist, Everyone a Scientist

Culture Counts is proud to work with Fun Palaces to measure the impact of their important work fostering community engagement and inclusive cultural and civic landscapes across the United Kingdom.

Fun Palaces coordinate an annual weekend of free activities every October, using arts, craft, science, tech, digital, heritage and sports as catalysts for community-led transformation. Workshops are led by local people who share their passions and skills with active participants of all ages – empowering them to create the cultural activities and infrastructure they want. Community cohesion and local networks are developed by linking individuals and organisations, encouraging large venues to co-create with local people, and small groups to promote their grassroots community activities.

In 2017, there were 362 Fun Palaces, 13,750 Makers (the people who make Fun Palaces happen in their communities) and 126,000 participants. The results of the 2017 evaluation, which have been shared on their website, indicate that Fun Palaces is highly inclusive and appeals to diverse communities and ages, involving a large number of participants who do not usually seek out science activities (57%) or arts activities (32%).

Key outcomes achieved

  • 91% felt motivated to do more creative things in the future
  • 83% felt motivated to become more involved in local projects and issues

A selection of comments was left by survey respondents “I’ve never felt capable of playing a musical instrument before (and I’m 45 years old!) but in just an hour I realised I could.” “I liked how people are being creative and they are able to do what they want and make what they want.” “It brings people together, to learn.” “I like that everyone can come together to make new friends.”