Providing communities with places to love, experience and connect with
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Providing communities with places to love, experience and connect with

Culture Counts CEO Michael Chappell will be presenting at the approaching International Cities Town Centres and Communities Society (ICTC) this month at the Esplanade Hotel Fremantle, Perth WA, from 14 to 16 November 2018. The ICTC conference brings together a diverse cross-section of city leaders and urban place professionals, from those who lead and plan cities and town centres right through to those who implement and manage them on the ground.

The discussion topic asks how we can most effectively build progressive cities ‘Using Data to Enhance Community Consultation and Engagement’. Rapid changes to environment, technology and lifestyle are presenting many challenges for cities and towns. Staying vibrant and competitive means getting the formula right: delivering places designed for people to live, work, play, visit and study. It is these progressive cities – the ones who take innovative approaches to planning, development, placemaking and economic development – that are coming out on top.

Place makers and local governments are increasingly seeking to measure the impact of their projects for communities across a range of areas, including the economic, social, cultural, civic and environmental outcomes they generate. This is important for ensuring best practice operation and responsible use of public funds, and is often demanded by funding bodies and decision-makers.

Culture Counts works with property owners, developers, universities and local government activation authorities to optimise returns on investment in precincts and places. We recognise that improving the way a place works requires a balanced understanding of the people who use the precinct, and the people who don’t use it. Data collection and reporting is continuous and automated, forming a feedback loop that drives evidence-based decision making for place activation and design experts. Once redevelopment is complete, Culture Counts stays in place to monitor the long-term impact of investments to guide the activation strategies of precinct management.

To find out more information about how Culture Counts uses a metric framework and accompanying set of software tools to capture feedback on the outcomes and impacts of places for the people who love, experience and connect with them, see our free or get in touch.

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