A guide to applying survey logic
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A guide to applying survey logic

Survey logic is the process in which you hide or show questions based on their relevance to particular respondents.


Survey logic is a handy thing to have in your evaluation toolkit. Here are some benefits:

  • Keep surveys short by only showing relevant questions to each respondent
  • Increase data quality by asking followup questions based on a previous response
  • Helps to keep respondents engaged as the survey can feel tailored to them
  • Increase survey completion rate and minimise drop-off by improving overall survey experience

How to apply

Create and complete your survey first

Include all the questions you want to include. It’s easier to apply survey logic when you can see the big picture.

Determine your logic

In the survey builder, click on the question you want to apply logic to and select the logic ‘tab’. Logic considers four parts:

  • Visibility: choose whether to hide or show the question
  • Trigger: determine the property that the survey logic is tested against. E.G. respondent’s answer to the question
  • Condition: select the condition to be met against the trigger and value. E.G. ‘is equal to’
  • Value: set the respondent’s value to the trigger. E.G. ‘yes’

Make sure the survey logic is working the way you want it to by using the preview survey link. Failing to test is the number one reason why things break. If the logic didn’t work as intended and you don’t find out until after you’ve collected responses, it’s already too late.

Send your survey

You are ready to collect your data! Distribute your survey.

Watch our tutorial

Watch our video on applying Survey Logic as Culture Counts Client Manager, Nicole Tan Emery walks you through the steps.

Applying survey logic in the Culture Counts Evaluation Platform is easy. Don’t have an account? Contact us to get started.

About the author
Lisa Wallace is a Marketing Manager at Culture Counts.