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Conduct Interview surveys

Conducting interview surveys in-person at your event can be a great way to reach a diverse mix of attendees or participants and to provide them with the opportunity to give their valuable feedback.

On the survey Summary page, there will be a separate URL for each of the different delivery types that you selected at the Configure stage of designing your survey. It is important to use the correct link for each method – in this case, you will need to use the Interview link. You can read more about Delivery Types here.

Loading your survey onto a tablet

When collecting surveys, you will need to have an active internet connection. Without this connection, no responses will be recorded. If your internet connection slows or drops out a red notification box will appear at the top of the page.

If conducting intercept interviews, you will need to have at least one tablet per interviewer. If possible, have two per interviewer so that they can capture multiple responses at once.

Load your survey to the tablet using the following steps:

  • Click into your survey
  • Under the Configure tab of the survey builder, scroll down to ‘delivery options’ and ensure that you have chosen the Interview distribution method.

  • Click into the Summary tab and under ‘survey links’ you will see the Interview distribution method with its own individual link. Copy this link.

  • Open a browser on your tablet and paste in the appropriate link. Take care to avoid entering a link associated with the wrong distribution method.
  • We recommend adding the page as a ‘bookmark’ or saving the survey link onto your home screen for ease of access.

Using the Interview Survey Tools

Once the Interview survey has been loaded on the tablet, a small menu button will be visible at the top left of the screen. Click the menu icon to reveal the Survey Tools. This opens a handy menu for the interviewer that shows:

  • The number of survey responses collected so far, across all devices.
  • Options to:
    • Start a new survey response
      This will save the current survey response, up to where the respondent has completed it.
    • Reset survey response
      This will wipe the current survey response.
  • Jump to another survey in the same Evaluation using the dropdown menu.

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